To share God’s love and empower the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ. Read our Statement of Belief.


To equip the Church to share God’s love one billion times by the year 2020.

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Organizational Overview

Scott Evans

Founded in 1996 by Scott Evans, Outreach, Inc. has quickly grown to become the largest provider of outreach products and services in North America. The company was launched with the mission of empowering Christian churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ. Products and services are available to churches nationwide, empowering leaders with cost-effective, proven outreach methods and tools. In order to better serve the growing needs of the church, Outreach has established six divisions under the umbrella of Outreach, Inc. These divisions, employing over 100 people, include: Marketing Products, Training, Publishing, Events, Web Properties and The Media Group. While the divisions operate as separate business units, they faithfully support each other and the global mission of reaching more people for Christ.

Overview of Outreach’s Divisions

Outreach Marketing
Tools for marketing your church to your community.

With professional designs and relevant messages, Outreach Marketing delivers attention-grabbing postcards, banners, invitations and more to 60,000 churches nationally and internationally. We help establish a church’s brand and make it easy for your community to know where you meet and what you are about. Marketing also provides resources to your church for staging a church-wide campaign or outreach-oriented sermon series. Examples include The Bible 30-Day Church Experience, The Passion of the Christ for the Easter season, The Nativity Story for the Christmas season, The God Questions for any time of year, and the Fireproof movie marriage series.

Outreach Marketing
Speakers, comedians and performers for appearances at church events.

Outreach Events offers top tier names for your church to host special events that attract new people and give your members an exciting occasion to invite friends and family. Just a few or our powerful speakers include best-selling author Lee Strobel, apologist Josh McDowell, former mob boss Michael Franzese, Harlem Globetrotter and basketball wonder Seth Franco. Comedians include Adam Christing, President of Clean Comedians, and Carlos Oscar featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and Comedy Central. Speakers from the Outreach lineup regularly attract record attendance for events held all around the country.
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Outreach Marketing
Outreach Magazine, a bi-monthly publication that dispenses outreach insights for churches.

Outreach magazine has been recognized with awards by secular and Christian bodies for excellence in content and presentation. The magazine provides interesting, fascinating field-tested stories, ideas and insights for your church’s outreach efforts. It is a fresh stream of practical ideas for success. Outreach magazine also publishes the highly sought-after Outreach 100 issue, annually featuring the top 100 largest and fastest growing churches in America. Famous personalities featured on the cover of past issues include Franklin Graham, Erwin McManus, Josh McDowell, Dan Kimball, and others.
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Outreach Marketing
Reach communities for Christ with the most memorable media of all, movies.

Outreach Films, provides a unique opportunity to reach members of your community through movies and movie-related content. Film is the language of our day, setting the cultural tone and the patterns of thinking of this generation. Attractive and enriching films allow you to "speak the language" of your community and open communication for effectively sharing the gospel. The Films division provides site licenses so you can show select movies publicly to large groups. Available movies include The Bible TV Miniseries, Fireproof, The Last Sin Eater, Facing the Giants, and The Ten Commandments. Outreach Films cooperates with Outreach Marketing to provide film-based curriculum for churches.
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